USAA Pay Dates 2024 – Check the Pay Deposit Dates Schedule

U.S. military members get benefits and are paid twice a month. But, pay might be late due to holidays or weekends. You can see the 2024 pay dates on the USAA Military website. If you’re not sure, check the USAA article about pay dates.

USAA Pay Dates 2024

USAA is a firm that provides banking and insurance services to military personnel. If you’re a USAA member, you receive your salary two days before the actual payday through direct deposit. The paydays are the 1st and 15th of every month. If these days fall on a holiday, you get paid on the next working day. Some banks even allow early direct deposit.

Month USAA Pay Dates 2024Actual Payday
January10 Jan and Jan3012  Jan
February13 Feb and  28 Feb 1 Feb and 15 Feb
March 13 March and 28 March1 Mar and 15 Mar
April11 Apr and 29 Apr1 Apr and 15 Apr
May13 May and 29 May1 May, 15 May, and 31 May
June12 June and 27 June14 June
July11 July and 30 July1 July and 15 July
August13 Aug and 28 Aug1 Aug, 15 Aug, and 30 Aug
September11 Sept and 27 Sept13 Sept
October10 Oct and 30 Oct1 Oct and 15 Oct
November13 Nov and 26 Nov1 Nov, 15 Nov, and 29 Nov
December11 Dec and 27 Dec13 Dec and 31 Dec

Retiree Pay Dates 2024

Month USAA PaydayActual Payday
JanuaryJan 30 1 Feb
FebruaryFeb 281 Mar
MarchMar 281 Apr
AprilApr 291 May
MayMay 2931 May
JuneJun271 July
JulyJul 301 Aug
AugustAug 2830 Aug
SeptemberSep 271 Oct
OctoberOct 301 Nov
NovemberNov 2629 Nov
DecemberDec 2731 Dec

USAA Pay Dates for VA Disability

USAA follows the Veterans Affairs’ schedule for disability payments. These payments are made every month. The payment date can vary based on the veteran’s disability level and the kind of benefit they receive.

Month VA Pay Date
January1 Feb
February1 Mar
March1 Apr
April1 May
May31 May
June1 July
July1 Aug
August30 Aug
September1 Oct
October1 Nov
November29 Nov 
December31 Dec

Longer Pay periods of USAA 2024

In 2024, there are four extended pay periods for military members: Jan 10-30, Apr 11-29, Jul 11-30, and Oct 10-30. These longer pay periods might affect your budget, especially if you’re planning a big event or holiday.

These periods often align with summer holidays, spring break, and Halloween. If you’re planning something during these times, remember to budget for the late payment.

If your payment is delayed, you can reach out to USAA’s customer service for help. USAA will also keep you updated about your account activity. You can check your account online or on the mobile app to see any pending transactions.

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