ADT Full Form in Medical, What is it?

In the world of medical terminology, acronyms serve as a bridge to understanding complex concepts. One such acronym that holds significance in healthcare is “ADT.” Let’s understand what is it’s full form and what it is.

What Is the Full Form of ADT In Medical?

The full form of ADT in medical terms is Androgen Deprivation Therapy. It is an antihormone therapy used for treating prostate cancer by reducing levels of androgens, such as testosterone, produced in the testicles. This therapy aims to slow the growth of prostate cancer cells, which require androgen hormones to grow. By slowing down the production of testosterone growth, prostate cancer can be decelerated.

Prostate cancer cells rely on androgen hormones for growth. By curbing the body’s production of testosterone, we can halt the development of these cancer cells or cause them to shrink temporarily. This therapy is based on the principle that testosterone is an androgen, a male sex hormone. Another term synonymous with ADT is hormone therapy.

When is ADT Used & Its Procedure

  1. Palliative Care: For patients with advanced and metastatic prostate cancer, ADT has been a boon for many years.
  2. Locally Advanced Cancer: ADT can be used after a radical prostatectomy or alongside radiation therapy to treat locally advanced cancer.
  3. Advanced Prostate Cancer: In cases where the prostate cancer has advanced, ADT might be administered.

The Procedure

The most common form of ADT involves injections of medication that inhibit testosterone production. These injections can be administered by a doctor or a specialist. They can be given before, during, or after radiation therapy to enhance the chances of successfully eliminating the cancer. Sometimes, ADT injections are also combined with chemotherapy.

Who Should Avoid ADT?

It’s essential to note that not everyone with prostate cancer should undergo ADT. For instance, merely having a rising PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) after radiation therapy or radical prostatectomy doesn’t require initiation of ADT. Moreover, if a doctor suggests it to shrink the prostate before a brachytherapy procedure, it might not be a valid reason.

Other Medical References to ADT

While ADT primarily stands for Androgen Deprivation Therapy in the medical context, there are other references as well, such as:

  • ADT – Adenosine Triphosphate
  • ADT – Acid Dissolution Test
  • ADT – Alternate Day Therapy

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